Food Chain : CSA vs Imperfect Foods

As I mentioned in previous posts, the more conscious I am of my choices, the more I struggle with making the “right” call. I am currently looking into switching my source of produce. I consider myself moderately healthy (greens at every meal, small portions of meat…with the occasional binge of pizza or french fries). IContinue reading “Food Chain : CSA vs Imperfect Foods”

Pearly Whites

The last few months have really forced me to look at my space a little differently. All of a sudden, everything I saw in my household was just a big giant “PLASTIC” sign. I am fully aware I will never be plastic free. I will most likely continue to throw things away (albeit less) vsContinue reading “Pearly Whites”

Sustainable Kitchen – the liquid villain

Ever since quarantine, the hubby and I have taken up running. I am definitely more of a “follow you tube videos” and spin class type exerciser – running just does not appeal to me. With every trot on the pavement I feel my soul leave my body. Okay, so that’s incredibly dramatic but seriously, IContinue reading “Sustainable Kitchen – the liquid villain”

Sustainable Kitchen -Enemy number one

I live in a 3 person household – cooking food for three people is kind of frustrating. Halving a recipe is not enough for three but using a full one is too much. My cooking adventures usually end up with one extra serving or part of an ingredient like a quarter of an onion orContinue reading “Sustainable Kitchen -Enemy number one”