Beat cancer with …broccoli sprouts?

The Mr. just recently read this article on Broccoli Sprouts and he is now on a broccoli sprout kick. So what are they?

Broccoli sprouts are essentially a not yet matured broccoli. For the TLDR version, broccoli sprouts contain sulforaphane, a cancer preventing/cancer fighting compound. If you’re interested in the science behind it, Dr. Axe has a slightly diluted explanation of what makes these sprouts so powerful.

Broccoli Sprouts tend to be on the pricier end if you were to buy them. My local Sprouts (haha buy sprouts at Sprouts!) sells them for $2.99 for a small container of sprouts, similar in size to the blueberry containers. For those of you who intend on eating these daily for health benefits, you’re much better off growing your own. All you need are

  1. Seeds ($16-$20 on Amazon)
  2. Mason jar ($9 for a set of 2 on Amazon)
  3. Stainless steel sprout lids ($13 for a set of 2 on Amazon)

So overall, around $42 for way more than the 14 servings of the grocery store size. It only takes a week to grow and you’ll constantly have a supply!

Now, what the heck do you do with them?

  1. Smoothie : This is probably the best way to consume these. Breaking apart the sprouts releases all the health benefits because you’re breaking down the cell wall. Plus, the fruits and other veggies make sure you’re getting everything you need for the day in one glass!
  2. On avocado toast : Okay, so maybe it’s the millennial in me but avocado on toast is my jam. Layer that with a poached egg, tomato, salt, pepper and broccoli sprouts? ugh…. last meal of my life worthy right there
  3. If you’re not feeling the avocado toast above, putting it between your favorite sandwich , burger, or in your favorite wrap will make a tasty addition of nutrition.
  4. In Sushi!
  5.  Stir Fry – This is probably a more appetizing way to eat broccoli sprouts. However, keep in mind that cooking broccoli sprouts tends to degrade the sulforaphane
  6. In a salad
  7. Guacamole 


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