First blog post – Minty things

Yay! My first post!

We bought mint to make our own Vietnamese Bun bowls. Ranch 99 has a large¬†tray of mint for $1.49… totally worth it! However, mint doesn’t last very long and I really needed to figure out how I was going to use all of this mint. I finally had the inspiration for my first challenge – use at least 80% of the mint without recycling recipes. Here are the recipes that I made this week.

  1. Vietnamese Bun Bowls from NYT


  1. Lemon Mint Water: This is literally my favorite thing ever. Just throw in some lemons and some mint, let it seep and you’re good to go!
  2. Roast Chicken and Mint Chutney¬†: The tandoori wings from Wicked Spatula look amazing. I tend to just roast chicken because it’s easy but if you have time you should definitely try the tandoori seasoning.
  3. Spring Rolls – you can use any combination of ingredients you like: Shrimp, bell peppers, cucumbers, noodles… Anything. This one is my favorite!
  4. Chicken with mint and cilantro – this is easily my favorite dish to pair with a salad. The sauce serves as a great salad dressing.

For my ideas, check out my pinterest page!

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